2009. január 5., hétfő

Colored superparhelia

During the night of 1-2 January 2008 bright divergent light halos were present in Tampere, Finland. Most notably, bright, colored superparhelia were observed. The colors are readily visible in a bigger image ( 1 ).

Crystals were sampled ( 2 ) during the displays that were rather static in their character. Other images ( 3 ) as well as some video footage ( 4 ) from the same night and the following day are also provided.

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  1. What lamp produces these beautiful superparhelia, Jari? Some floodlight?
    I remember the discussion not long ago about divergent light halos and the lack of superparhelia in spotlight images due to the almost parallel beams.

  2. marko riikonen2009. január 6. 3:08

    There is no need for anyone photographing superparhelia anymore.

  3. The superparhelia can not be seen in spotlight unless you are very close to the light or if your beam is wide, as it is in Jari's lamp. You can see in the attached image, that Jari has been a bit left from the main beam axis, and the beam illuminates more the right side of the "sky". That is why the left superparhelion arm cuts off rapidly.

  4. My spotlight beam is not even nearly so wide as to create superparhelia unless one stands very close to the light and off-beam as well. I was maybe 45 degrees off-beam and perhaps four meters from the lamp. Only then could the superparhelia be seen.

  5. Wow very nice! I hope to do that soon just need to get spot light.