2009. január 28., szerda

Bright Tricker arcs in Prichovice

On 10 January 2009, Jan Smejkal observed a complex display in Prichovice, in which some rarer halo forms - such as the anthelion brightened by crossing Tricker arcs - were in action, too. The more frequent halo arcs included suncave and sunvex Parrys, Wegener, a faint helic, upper Tape arcs and subhelic arc ( 1234567 ). The photos also show a weak Liljequist parhelion ( 8 ).

Jan Smejkal described the weather during the complex halo in the following way: "On 10 January 2009, Prichovice was slightly above inversion, and time to time some very thin clouds crossed the sun. The display was observed at different intesities from around 9:00 until 11:30UTC when the sun got covered by clouds."

More information on the Czech diamond dust displays can be found in some articles at the following site: ( 9 ).

Text: Martin Popek and Matej Grek

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  1. There are some very beautiful diamond dust displays in the link 9. And especially Tricker anthelic arcs in this posting are marvellous.

  2. This display has a South Polean feel. There are thick stratus clouds around that have turned locally into ice crystals. Too bad we dont get displays formed this way in Finland.