2007. március 6., kedd

Odd radius halos in diamond dust in Finland

On 23 February an another diamond dust display with odd radius halos occured in Vaala, Finland. Temperature was dropping from -29°C to -24° during my observation.

A parhelic circle and circumzenithal arc were present with nice parhelia. A subsun and subparhelia were also seen as sparkling ice crystals in front of the ground.

Odd radius halos labelled in this enhanced photo are A) a pyramidal heliac arc, B1) upper 24° plate arc, B2) lower 24° plate arc and C) upper 23° plate arc.

The most brightest odd radius halo was 18° halo and in some photos there probably are also 9° upper plate arc and 20° halo. The ice crystal cloud was produced by a local heating plant about 2 km away. More photos can be found here.

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