2006. június 9., péntek

Wegener anthelic arcs in Ondrejov

Two days (8.6.2006 and 9.6.2006) in Prague and near neighbourhood was very good for halos. The best halo display had Martin Nekola in Ondrejov, he was seen nice Wegener arcs in high Sun elevation (approximately 55 degrees) as big X on anthelion side of Sun. Web site of some next Martin´s halo photos is here.

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  1. Wow very nice!!! all we have had is poorly formed common halos in Ohio USA. I did get rainbow with anticrepuscular rays a week ago though.

  2. Congratulations Martin!

    Great X of Wegener arc!

    Is there a trace of Hastings arc on down right "leg" of the Wegener arcs X? It seems to split into two arcs. That lower could be a Hastings arc and upper Wegener arc.

  3. Hasings arc? I don't think I saw any splitting of the arcs.

  4. It's a wunderful phenomena, congratulation!!! But I think, the means Hasting is a cloud stripe. Sorry ;o)

    Best wishes

  5. To Peter: around the Sun was clouds (cumulus), but Martin have some photos from compact camera with fisheye. I hope for Parry.