2006. március 15., szerda

Trickers and diffuse Anthelic Arcs in Germany

Alexander Wuensche from Görlitz (southeast Germany) observed and photographed these wonderful Anthelic arcs.

He writes: "In the morning of February 23, 2006, snow stars fell from the cloudless sky. The temperature was 2 deg below zero and there was a slight breeze from northeast. In the northern and northwestern direction the were remains of a Stratus and Stratocumulus cloud layer. In these clouds, the Anthelion with Trickers and diffuse Anthelic Arcs appeared.
The phenomenon was restricted to the direction opposite of the sun. In the direction of the sun I only spotted two small non-spectacular sun pillars."

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  1. Nomenclature, nomenclature... I like diffuse arcs because it's so descriptive. Greenler arc does not tell anything about the looks of the halo. "Greenler diffuse arcs" is perhaps a bit long, but compromise.

    Whatever people use, I don't care, as long as we understand each other.