2006. február 2., csütörtök

The Hastings display of Max Emerson

Max Emerson kindly informed that photos of the display he had seen in Swizerland are indeed available and that there is also short video.

Somewhat elusive in the video, the Hastings arc shows up better in this unsharp masked screenshot. Simulation (using HaloSim) by Patrik Trncak indicates many other rare halos as well. And of course, the display itself is outstanding in its brightness and clarity.

2 megjegyzés:

  1. Have snow machines changed (for example, some now use bacteria strains as seeds) or are they just being used more (or both!)?

  2. I see it's the people that have changed. The arrival of pocket digital cameras and ease of distributing photos in a minute though internet.

    Sure there can be also changes in snow machines use.