2006. január 17., kedd

Parhelion legs in Italy

9.1.2006 in Colfosco (Italy), HOP member Lukas Kosarek seen some halos on diamond dust. He observed 22 deg halo, 46 deg halo, supralateral arc, circumzenith arc, subsun, subparhelia, 22 parhelia and faint upper tangent arc. About 10:00 UT he seen and take photo of Parhelion legs - interesting phenomena of ice halos. He say: " I seen two orange arcs, join parhelion with subparhelion. It was bright on right side of halo display". Some photos of this display are here: http://www.fotoagrafika.wz.cz

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  1. Nice clean display. Usnharp masking might bright legs out better, but you need high reso pics for that. In some photos the parhelia leg up from parhelion is seen as well.

  2. Parhelia leg up from parhelion? Is it "Schultz arc" (Lowitz arc) or new halo phenomena?